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Don’t Ignore the Ductwork — Common Obstructions That Impact Performance

Obstructions in the ventilation system to any home are a common nuisance and can cause an array of issues. If indoor air quality is getting worse while energy costs only seem to climb, it could be that ductwork issues are causing the grief.

Loose Ductwork Insulation

A collapsed piece of duct lining can cut off the smooth flow of air that moves through your home. Over time the lining may continue to pull apart from he duct and cause a considerable blockage. If you have an older home, you may consider replacing your ductwork insulation altogether. Contact a trusted local HVAC company when replacing paper duct insulation on air ducts as this material contains asbestos and is very dangerous.

Damaged Ductwork

Damage can be caused by a variety of problems ranging from corrosion to simple household pests like mice. Portions of old ductwork may be prone to collapse or leaking if left ignored. Other times, new home construction or renovation debris can cause indirect damage to the ductwork, so it is important to inspect after any repair or installation has been completed. Collapsed portions of ductwork can occur as well and obstruct airflow. Not only will your home be unable to circulate air properly, your air conditioner will begin to work much harder to compensate, costing you more money.

Ductwork Defects

Your ductwork may contain an array of defects that can be caused by virtually anything. Check your ductwork for sharp bends that could be restricting airflow. Another indicator of installation defects includes unnecessarily long flex-duct length. Some defects are caused by faulty installation done by inexperienced contractors but can often be easily fixed. If you believe your ducts may contain defects, get in touch with a trusted HVAC company for help in repairing ductwork defects.

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