Watch Out for These Springfield Plumbing Scams!

As much as nobody likes it, scams will always exist. But HVAC isn’t the only way a scammer might try to get at you! They can offer services or “prizes,” pressure you into purchases, work under the guise of an electric company, and they may even pose as plumbers.

Yes, plumbers. It’s an odd choice, since if someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about, you’ll probably be able to tell. Most homeowners have at least some knowledge of plumbing, and when you have problems with it, you can usually tell by some clear visual cues. Because of this, plumbing scammers in Arlington often take different tactics. Let’s have a chat about plumbing scams and how to avoid them.

Different Tactics: Devices Used by Plumbing Scammers

You’re somewhat familiar with face-to-face pressure tactics; we talked about them before. But plumbing repair in Virginia scammers usually come in a bit of a different angle, such as:

  • Phone scams. It’s easy to act like you’re a person of authority over the phone. These folks often call posing as a member of your water company, or as a “plumber” tied to the company. They’ll try to tell you about some sort of city service, or some problem the “city identified” that needs to be handled. The tell often comes when suddenly they’re asking for your credit card information, or other forms of payment. Don’t be fooled! Either hang up the phone, or insist on tangible proof of a city-ordered repair. And even then, usually a homeowner doesn’t need to pay anything for city-ordered work.
  • E-mail. You’d think that chain letters and e-mail scams would have stopped by now. After all, with social media and smartphones, it’s a bit of an archaic form of communication. But many homeowners use online pay for water and electricity, and this is where scammers find an opening. You’ll get a mail talking about an emergency, or “credit card errors” and they’ll want your info. Never provide your financial information in an e-mail!
  • Price jackers. As much as we hate to say it, there are some licensed “professionals” out there who just want to gouge. They’ll see a nice house, a nice vehicle, and think they can get away with hiking the price on your repairs. This is why we urge you to always get a few quotes. Have some trusted professionals come out to see your plumbing repair in Virginia needs, and compare prices. Of course, be sure to follow the guidelines of finding a good plumbing contractor for each plumber!

Professional Plumbing Repair in Arlington with HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited

Don’t leave your plumbing needs to chance. Always work with trusted professionals! The certified plumbing experts at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited have been providing dependable quality and service for years, and your needs are always our top priority. Contact us today for top quality and trustworthy service!