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Best Thermostat Settings for Summer

Programmable thermostats can help you reduce your energy bill, but only if you program them wisely. By varying the temperature setting a few degrees to match changing needs day or night, you can save the most. Here are tips for choosing the best thermostat settings for summer.

Setting the thermostat for when you are home

Most people feel comfortable in summer when indoor temperatures are around 78 degrees. If you feel fine with your home a little warmer than this, set the thermostat higher to save even more money. In either case, estimate the approximate time you get home daily. Program the “at home” setting to begin 30 minutes before your arrival. This allows time for the temperature to lower. For example, if you get home at 5:30 p.m. most days, program the new temperature setting for 5.

Temperature settings for when you are away

In summer, keep your home warmer by around 5 degrees while you are away. Healthy pets and plants can handle indoor temperatures as high as 83 degrees. It’s not a good idea to set it much higher than this, even if you do not have pets or plants. Sensitive electronics can be damaged by excess heat, and your A/C may struggle to regain a comfortable temperature if the house gets too warm.

For the most energy efficiency, use the “away” setting for extended periods of eight hours or more.

Sleep settings

Body temperature naturally falls during sleep, and most people can handle a warmer temperature setting during these hours. Try the same temperature as your “away” temperature for your household sleep-time. You can easily adjust it if that temperature feels too warm or cold.

Smart thermostats

For even more energy savings, look for smart thermostats that “learn” from your habits and automatically adjust. Many are also accessible via mobile apps, so you can control the temperature from anywhere.

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