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How to Air Condition a Garage

If you want to make your garage more comfortable, air conditioning can certainly help. If you keep a refrigerator or freezer running in your garage, there are also practical reasons for adding air conditioning. Without it, these appliances may overheat when running on hot days. Here is how to air condition a garage

Add insulation

Unless you intend to run the air conditioner only for brief periods, insulating your garage is a necessary step. Otherwise, no matter what kind of A/C system you incorporate, the unit will struggle and energy bills will skyrocket.

Choosing the air conditioner

Your easiest options include using a window unit or a portable unit. A ductless mini-split system or adding a connection to your central air is possible, but these options require more labor and professional HVAC knowledge and may not be cost-effective. Choose an Energy Star certified air conditioner for the most energy efficiency.

Adding a window unit

Note: if your garage does not have a window, you will need to create one in order to install a window A/C. In a windowless garage, consider using a portable air conditioner, which requires a smaller access hole for ventilation.

  • Measure the window to make sure it will accommodate a window unit.
  • Install all mounting hardware. Most window air conditioners include this hardware.
  • Lower the window sash and secure the unit.
  • Close all gaps around the unit using fireproof weatherstripping or removable caulk. Do not use anything that is not easy to remove. It’s important that you can pull out the air conditioner for cleaning.

Important safety tips: An air conditioner will not supply sufficient fresh air to negate the effects of solvent fumes, carbon monoxide or other toxic gasses or fumes. When operating any fuel-burning tools in your garage, keep the garage door open. In addition, never run your car in the garage any longer than it takes to drive it in or out, even with the door open.

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