Two-Stage Heating Explained

With the approach of winter in the Fairfax area, it is time to think about your utility costs during the coldest months. If you are due for a furnace replacement, you may want to consider investing a little more money up front for an efficient furnace featuring two-stage heating. Such systems offer several advantages over traditional models.

Increased Comfort

On average winter days, the two-stage furnace runs at a lower heat setting and a slower speed, rather than running for a while at full blast and then stopping when the thermostat setting is met. This constant flow of warm air minimizes cold spots that would develop between the cycles of an older one-stage system. On colder days, the second stage on a two-stage furnace is used to maintain comfort with the circulation of warmer air at a higher speed.

Increased Energy Savings

Though a late-model single-stage furnace can, in fact, be as efficient as a two-stage system, you may find yourself manually adjusting the thermostat between cycles because of cold spots in your home. The consistent temperature of two-stage heating can eliminate those adjustments, saving energy. Electricity usage is reduced, as well, because the blower fan runs at a typically lower speed.

Reduced Noise

As a single-stage furnace cycles on and off, you are more likely to notice the noises that it makes. A two-stage heating system isn’t as noisy, because it usually runs at a lower speed. When it does run at full speed, a gradual transition eases the change in noise levels.

Longer Lifespan

The constant cycling of a traditional furnace can stress its components, especially the blower fan. A two-stage system is less prone to this type of stress.

Better Filtration

Because the air typically moves more slowly through a two-stage system, the filter can more easily remove contaminants, leading to healthier air.

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