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Heat Rising Upstairs? How to Cool Down the Second Story

Are you having trouble with rising heat compromising the comfort of your upstairs living spaces? Here are some great tips to help ensure adequate airflow and comfort to your upstairs during these stuffy summer months.

  • Start in the attic. Attic insulation will prevent heat trapping in the summer and will help keep the heat in during the upcoming winter months.Check to see that soffit vents are working. If your attic is hot, then your upstairs will be hot as well.
  • Check your windows. If there is a crack in the window or it is leaking, then the cold air will be escaping in the summer and your warm air will be escaping in the winter. You do not want to be paying to cool or heat the outside!
  • Close your shades. The sunlight coming in from your windows will heat up the house. By closing the shades, you are blocking the sunlight from warming your house and thereby keeping it cooler. When winter comes, open the shades to take advantage of solar heat gain.
  • Check furnace filters. These should be replaced every three months if not more!  If the filter is blocked then conditioned air will not circulate well throughout your home.
  • Check your registers. The upstairs registers should be open to ensure that cold air is being pushed upstairs. Make sure furniture is not blocking the registers.  Uncover the vents by rearranging the furniture, if necessary. This will allow the upstairs air to flow better, making it cooler in these summer months, but warmer come November.
  • Try floor fans. This is an efficient way to keep the cool air from getting settled on the floor and therefore provide better air circulation.
  • Make sure the outdoor unit is clean. First make sure that the unit is turned off.  Then rinse the dirt off with a hose. At this point remove any debris stuck in the fan.

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