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Where Are Carrier Systems Manufactured? Get the Facts

When it comes to top name brands in the HVAC industry, Carrier has a long tradition of being at the top of its class.  The parent company, UTC Climate, Controls & Security (UTC) provides technological products and services to the aerospace and building systems industry worldwide.  Carrier itself was built around the invention by Willis Carrier in 1902 that revolutionized indoor comfort forever: the air conditioner.  A common curiosity among consumers is: Where are Carrier systems manufactured?

More than 60,000 employees working in more than 170 countries spread out over six continents work together to manufacture the most sophisticated and highest quality HVAC products on the market today.
There is no simple answer to the question, “Where are Carrier systems manufactured?” as due to its affiliation with UTC, Carrier has access to 67 manufacturing locations throughout the world. Innovation has been the hallmark of Carrier’s core values since 1902 and there are nine design and research centers spread among five countries in Europe, North America and Asia to facilitate that.  All of these factors come together to make Carrier the producer of some of the efficient and innovative products in the industry.

As is often a concern with large companies operating out of many manufacturing facilities, a key consumer question is that regarding sustainability and green building.  Carrier is the one and only company in the world that proudly stands as a founding member of the U.S., China, Argentina, Singapore, France and India Green Building Councils.  Not only do its facilities operate as efficiently and green consciously as possible, but the products it produces are manufactured to operate with energy efficient advancements. Carrier introduced some of the world’s most energy-efficient air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems and has reduced the impact of its operations on the environment.

All in all, Carrier not only stands out in the industry for its forward-thinking approach to innovative technology, but also for the responsible manufacture and production of products that make the world a better place.  For more information about Carrier and the innovative products available for your home or business, contact HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited today.