Is Attic Insulation Worth It? – Facts to Help You Decide

How Much Can You Save?

This will be determined by several factors, such as:

  • The degree to which you heat or cool your home.
  • Insulation levels and degree of sealing in your conditioned space.
  • The type of home you live in.
  • The efficiency of your HVAC system.

Experts estimate that the average consumer can save somewhere between 30 and 50 percent more on their annual energy bill once they insulate a home with previously substandard or missing insulation. The attic is a good place to start for two reasons – it’s probably the easiest place to insulate in your home, and insulation in the attic area has the biggest payoff in terms of energy savings.

What to Insulate?

If your attic space is unfinished, insulate the floor space, to prevent heat transfer between the attic and your conditioned space down below. If insulation is already in place, look across the span of your attic: if insulation levels are at or below the floor joists, you may want to add another layer over top, as the materials can compress over time and become less effective.

In a finished attic, add a layer of insulation up above the conditioned space.

Attic Insulation Tips

  • If installing insulation yourself, opt for fiberglass batts or rolls, as other materials such as blown or cellulose insulation require the services of a professional.
  • Lay the material tightly in between the joists with no gaps, and place a second layer over top, perpendicular to the joists.
  • If one side has a paper or foil backing, face it down, toward your conditioned space: if you lay it facing up, it may hold in moisture and cause mold issues.
  • Don’t store anything on top of your insulation.
  • Avoid heat sources such as lighting or a chimney near the insulation.
  • Fill in any gaps with cut pieces of insulation.
  • Cover any exposed skin and use a face mask and eye protection.

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