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Replacing Your HVAC System? Know These 10 Things First!

Your HVAC unit is on its last legs, and it’s time to look for a full replacement (or maybe you’re looking to upgrade, or just need an HVAC system in your new home!). Getting a fresh system can mean a multitude of great things. Perks like lower utility costs, more effective and efficient heating and cooling, and reduced maintenance costs are all to be anticipated. If you take all of the factors you need to into consideration.

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Primary Factors of Choosing the Unit That Is Right for You

  1. Size of the unit. An HVAC system can both be too small for your home, and too large. Too large might sound silly to you, but a unit that exceeds appropriate size causes just as many, if not more problems than a unit that is undersize.
  2. Type of system. When it comes to HVAC replacement, there are plenty of good options out there. You can go for central heating and cooling, heat pumps, or even ductless systems. Know your home’s needs, and choose appropriate to what you want to accomplish.
  3. SEER Rating. New standards mean the minimum SEER your HVAC can have in Virginia is 14but you may want to go higher or lower according to efficiency in your home and local area.
  4. System quality. Always know you’re working with a quality team that offers a quality system.
  5. Size of your home. Knowing the square footage of your home ensures you get a system that fits your home like a glove, rather than a system that fights just to get by.
  6. Local weather. If you’re new to your area, know what to expect from local climate over the year. This helps you decide on how beefy of a system you need.
  7. Home occupancy. How many residents will be in your home does have an impact on your HVAC system. If you’re in a larger home with many residents, some HVAC systems might suit you especially well.
  8. Time frame. These are often one-day jobs, but you should still be aware that your heating and cooling will be down for at least a day. Try to aim for replacements on milder days, when your system is less integral.
  9. Budget. You want a strong, high quality unit that will last you 20 years. That’s great, but always be realistic when budgeting for HVAC replacement.
  10. Flexibility. After all is said and done, there will be some new things to get used to. Your new system might operate differently, make different noise, or alter the feel of your home. Keep this in mind before panicking thinking something may be wrong.

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There are a lot of factors to consider when planning a heating and cooling replacement, and it can seem pretty overwhelming. Our team prioritizes helping our consumers understand all of these factors, and helping you make the right decisions when choosing your system. Don’t let choosing a new system get you down, contact the specialists at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited today and let us assist you!