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Window Unit or Mini-Split Air Conditioners?

We all have at least a small measure of familiarity with window air conditioning units, whether you’ve owned them yourself, or you’ve just seen one in your grandmother’s house. They operate in a fairly simple and straightforward way, with a large fan blowing air over a set of heated and cooled coils, producing what is essentially a big “cold air fan.” There’s no question that they get the job done, but in all honesty window units are the least effective form of AC installation on the market.

Keep reading to find out why you should install a mini-split AC system and put your window unit in the dumpster. Contact us for ductless AC installation in Northern Virginia, and avoid the window AC unit headaches!

Why Window AC Units Suck

In a word, inefficiency. Window unit AC installation operates on a simplistic system that is fairly rife with faults, offering you a straightforward but ineffective means of cooling your home.

Window Units Are an Inefficient Use of Energy

Air conditioning accounts for a massive chunk of your energy usage in the home—15 percent, on average, and oftentimes much more. Our primary beef with window units is they blast a frigid wave of air in an uncentralized cone in a single room. Homes that depend on window units are often icy in the room holding the unit, and somewhere around 5 – 10 degrees warmer in the rest of your home, making it nigh impossible to keep an entire home dependent on the unit.

Air Bleed

The setup in and of itself is quite inefficient. Placing a bulky unit into your window leaves the window open, and while this is mitigated by sealing measures, having a unit hanging out of your window promotes air bleed, meaning a good chunk of that super cool air you’re paying for goes right out the window through cracks and crevices around the unit, or warm air finds its way in.


The humidity the unit pulls in from the outside collects on its heating and cooling coils, which can create a nice little habitat for allergy-irritating spores that get blown directly into your living and working space. This can result in huge allergy issues, musty smells and high concentrations of dust in the air.

Why to Ditch Your Window Air Conditioner in A Nutshell:

  • Inefficient use of energy costs, costing more to cool less
  • Potential for air bleed furthers inefficiency
  • Frequent need for repair as unit ages
  • Unit loses power as it ages
  • Creates habitat for allergens
  • Bulky, unattractive appearance
  • Requires storage and transport in off seasons

Window Unit or Split AC?

Homeowners looking to improve energy efficiency and home appeal may look to other options for cooling their home, such as ductless mini-split AC installation. Ductless AC provides a nice, clean working environment with no in-home bulk and a consistent cool that spreads evenly over the entire home. It’s affordable, and you can also install a multi-split if you want to cool more than one room. This ensures a well-maintained temperature from a unit that only works as hard as it needs to, saving you loads of money.

Split AC Installation in Northern Virginia

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