Help! My Toilet Won’t Stop Running!

Sometimes the smallest issues in your home can transform from a little, agitating malfunction, to a full blown catastrophe. No homeowner knows this better than one who has dealt with plumbing problems! What starts out as a small leak, or a weak water flow can quickly become flooding, or even a burst pipe.

At HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited, we believe that sharing information is integral to building long-term, happy business relationships with our consumers. Helping you is always our goal! For that reason, we come to you today with some solutions for if your toilet won’t stop running.

My Toilet Won’t Stop Running!

A toilet that runs forever, or continues to “fill up” long after use can signify a few issues; we’ll get to those shortly. First off, there are some other signs that point to the same series of problems that you should be aware of. An endlessly running toilet can be preceded by, or show up in conjunction with:

  • Excessively long flow times
  • “Weak” or incomplete flushes
  • Water refuses to fill the bowl, or too little water in the bowl after the flush cycle

So what causes this issue? Well, there are a few possibilities, but the hands-down most common issue has to do with the flapper. If you’re not familiar with what a flapper is, take the lid off of your toilet’s tank. See the rubber (or plastic, latex or polymer) “stopper” that flaps up and down when you operate the toilet? There’s your flapper!

When working properly, the flapper will lift during a flush to allow water out of the tank. When the flush ends, the flapper falls, stopping water and allowing the bowl to refill.

Here are some possible quick fixes if your toilet won’t stop running:

  • Adjust the flapper chain. You’ll see a connection running from the flapper to the lever that operates your toilet. Is this chain too short, too long or simply snagged? Easy fix!
  • Check the flapper for damage. All things wear out eventually. If your flapper is sporting cracks, tears, damage or doesn’t fully cover the valve, a new flapper could be your remedy. Flappers are easy to replace, and pretty simple to install as well (but if you’re not sure how to proceed, our experts would be happy to help!).

Solutions that may require professional plumbing repair:

  • Component failure. Sometimes thing just begin to wear out in our appliances. If you need components replaced or repaired, call on a pro!
  • Issues with the fill height. If you’re familiar with plumbing, try adjusting your fill height. If you’re not familiar with plumbing, call on HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited to assist.
  • Damaged or poorly fitted fill tube. The fill tube is responsible for exactly what it sounds like it is. So naturally, if it’s damaged or fitted wrong, you’re not going to get a properly working toilet.

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