Why Is My Water Heater Making Noise?

Water heaters are an awesome appliance that we all rely on. They’re responsible for those cozy, invigorating morning showers, clean clothes, sanitized dishes—and we do all of these things on a daily basis. Despite all of this, no one really thinks about hot water heaters too much. They’re just a big, clunky hunk of metal shoved off into a utility space most of the time. But what happens when that water heater starts making itself known?

Strange water heater sounds are pretty much an immediate source of stress. Your mind starts racing with “do I need to replace it?” or “is it going to explode”. We’ve all been there. But before your stress meter maxes out, let the experts at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited shed some light on the issue. You might not have as much to worry about as you thought!

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What’s Causing Those Water Heater Noises?

The cause directly relates to exactly what noise it is your heating. Which is good news, actually, as that fact gives us a good base to start diagnosing your issue. If you know what each sound means, you know when you need to call in the pros! So let’s dive right in:

  • Pops. Hearing a slight, but persistent popping sound? Popping noises are nearly always tied to a buildup of sediment in your water heater. This sediment occurs naturally and collects on your water heater’s element. This contact traps water under the sediment that forcefully escapes as the water is heated, making a popping sound. The issue is not serious, but it is a sign that you should look into some water heater maintenance in the near future.
  • Squeals and screeches. Screeching is usually caused by water being forced through small spaces. It is often evidence of pressure buildup in your water heater. Your water heater is equipped to deal with this to an extent; in fact some very mild squealing noises are fairly normal. But if it gets louder or is very persistent, you need to call in the experts for water heater repair.
  • Rumbling. You can think of that rumbling noise as a pop noise all grown up. This sound indicates a very large amount of sediment built up in your tank. This most commonly happens with older tank-style water heaters. Rumbling isn’t dangerous, but it is a very clear sign of the age of your water heater, and is often the herald for a replacement sometime soon.
  • Wall knocking. Hearing a loud knock or bang somewhere in your walls when you shut off water fixtures in your home? This isn’t actually the tank itself—it’s pipes that have come loose or pipes that weren’t affixed to the wall securely when they were installed. It’s not going to cause any huge harm any time soon, but can eventually result in damage to your walls and studs. Have a trusted plumber (wink wink) come by and correct the issue!

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