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Air Conditioner Start-Up Checklist

Feel that? It’s getting a whole lot warmer here in Northern Virginia! Pretty soon you’ll be relying on your air conditioner or heat pump to beat back that sweltering summer heat and curb the humidity, if you haven’t already. Have you done your springtime maintenance checklist? Do you have a springtime checklist? If not, we’ve got a good one for you!

Spring is going to feel a lot more like summer in the near future. Schedule your air conditioner maintenance and tune-up visit with HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited today!

Your AC Startup Checklist in Fairfax

Having a good, solid maintenance routine is a great way to ensure you get everything you’re looking for in your air conditioner this year. It helps to reduce the risks of a breakdown, improves efficiency, and can even help to keep those high cooling costs to a minimum. Start by:

  1. Ensuring correct settings. It sounds silly, sure, but it’s a really easy mistake to make! Be sure your thermostat is set to “cool”, and the temperature setting reflects your preferred temp range. Making sure saves you the frustration of an unneeded repair call.
  2. Checking your air filter. Have you swapped out your air filter recently? That simple, unassuming component does a lot of heavy lifting for a bit of fiberglass or polyester. Replacing it now ensures healthy air flow and improves the efficiency of your air conditioner.
  3. Clearing and cleaning your outdoor unit. Make sure there’s no dust, debris, or mess caked on the fins of your exterior unit. Clearing and cleaning it improves efficiency and performance, helping to preserve healthy air flow and thermal exchange. Use a stiff broom or brush to knock off the big stuff, and a hose can do the rest.
  4. Dusting off the interior unit. It won’t do a whole ton for efficiency (tough it does a little bit), but it will more importantly get rid of a common and big fire hazard. Heated dust goes up like tinder, so be sure to dust off the unit and anything dusty in the immediate surroundings.
  5. Opening all of your vents. Your AC unit was installed and sized to accommodate a very specific air pressure range. If the vents are closed, it restricts this and drops performance, as well as opening up the possibility of overheating. Open up the vents, and be sure to not block them with furniture!
  6. Performing a test run. Once all of the cleaning and maintenance is out of the way, perform a quick test run. Let the unit run for a good thirty minutes to an hour, and check that air flow looks good. Also listen for odd sounds like clanks and rapid clicking. This is a good way to catch a problem early, saving you the stress of an AC repair on that first real nasty summer day.

Big Number Seven: Schedule Your Maintenance!

Seasonal air conditioner maintenance is hands-down the best, most effective way to ensure you get the reliable and efficient cooling you need to get through our spring and summer seasons. It includes thorough cleaning, parts diagnostics, calibration and much more, helping to avoid breakdowns and assisting in maximizing energy-efficiency.

HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited offers top-class maintenance and service agreements, so be sure to check those out in order to protect your cooling system and find even more savings!