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Why You Shouldn’t Perform DIY HVAC Repairs

Our team has tackled the topic of DIY in the past. And of the most part, our opinion hasn’t changed much. Generally speaking, doing it yourself is a really fun, interesting way to learn new things, or to engage yourself with your Northern Virginia home. But we also know that there are some places where it just doesn’t fit.

Thinking about performing a bit of furnace repair all on your own? Well, don’t! There are a bunch of reasons why choosing DIY is just not the right way to go here, and today, our certified HVAC team is going to tell you why.

Why DIY Furnace Service Is a Less Than Great Idea

To start off, we’d like to say we are in no way proponents of telling folks to not have fun. In fact, we’re trying to stop you from doing exactly the opposite! DIY has a lot of good applications, but there’s a reason why we’re called specialists, and we didn’t get the title by hands-on and internet diagrams alone.

Physical Risks

The big “numero uno” here is safety. A huge, huge part of our training to become professionals deals with how to do our jobs safely. Why? Because as mundane as HVAC may seem, there are tons of huge risk factors. A little misstep here or there can spell a lot more than a bruise. In fact, there are some risks that can literally be debilitating. What risks? How about:

  • Cuts and gashes. Those of you who may have put some time in at a factory job might know why this is such a big one. Metal parts, especially single components found in complex machines like HVAC systems, have sharp edges. And we’re not talking rough edges, we’re talking nearly razor. One second everything is fine, the next, you’ve run your arm over something seemingly benign, and now you’ve got an emergency room bleeder.
  • Electrical shock. Much of the service our experts perform deal with electronics and electrical components. And we don’t think we need to tell you that electricity is super dangerous. A miscalculation or incorrectly connected component can mean serious shock (fun fact: shock is the term used for electrical injury, the word “electrocuted” suggests fatality. The more you know!).

Costly Risks to Your Home

Most folks go for DIY solutions because they are trying to keep costs down. Repair isn’t the cheapest thing in the world, we know. But, unless you’re working with years of HVAC training and experience, the odds are stacked in the favor of you actually costing yourself a lot more.

Any mistakes in a machine like a heating or cooling system means something isn’t going to work right, which in turn is going to lead to more damage, more problems, and more cost! We’ve had instances of clients turning a quick, twenty minute repair into a full-blown and very costly HVAC replacement. You don’t want this!

Professional Northern Virginia Heating & Cooling Services

In the end, DIY just isn’t your best move. Your safety and comfort are paramount to us, and to ensure we can provide those, we’ve undergone extensive training. Leave it to the experts on this one! When you need service, the HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited team can provide it for:

Trust in our experience, our knowledge, and our dedication to bringing you the best in affordable, perfect service! Next time something goes awry, put down the tool belt and pick up the phone. You can reach our team any time online, or give us a call at (703) 454-5040!