Signs of a Slab Leak—and Why It Needs to Be Addressed ASAP

As a homeowner, it’s usually pretty easy to notice when something isn’t quite right. What’s much more challenging is trying to pinpoint the problem, what’s causing it, and how you can fix it. Slab leaks are water leaks that happen underneath the concrete foundation of your home. They can be extremely detrimental to the structure and framework of your home, not to mention they are usually very expensive to repair. That’s why you need to call a plumbing professional the moment you realize you have a slab leak. But how do you know? The professional plumbers at HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited have created this post to help you identify a slab leak so you can repair the problem before it causes irreparable damage to your home.

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6 Signs You Have a Slab Leak

We explained earlier what a slab leak is, but let’s back up a minute and explain how they occur. More often than not, they happen due to corrosion in the pipes below the foundation of your home. However, they could also be the result of a pipe that has burst. Think about it—your home is sitting on a concrete slab with these pipes underneath it. Over time, the weight of your home can put pressure on the pipes, causing them to leak through the slab of concrete. Five signs that indicate you have a slab leak in your Northern Virginia home are:  

Water Is Pooling

When you have a slab leak, water will continue to build up below your home’s foundation until it can find a way to escape—usually into your house or around the exterior. If you notice an usual amount of water outside your home, and there isn’t a water hose nearby or any other reasonable explanation, there’s a good chance you have a slab leak.

Mold or Mildew Is Growing Under Your Carpet

If you notice your carpet is damp or your wood floors have become warped, a slab leak might have gotten into the floor of your home. You might also start to see or smell mold or mildew growth around your carpeting. Any abnormal dampness throughout your home, whether it’s in the floors, the carpet, or even the walls, is something you should take notice of and call a professional plumbing company.

Water Pressure Levels Have Weakened

If you turn the sink or the shower on and you repeatedly notice the water pressure levels are weaker than normal, this could also be pointing to a slab leak. When the pipes under the foundation of your home are leaking, there is less water available to supply your home and kitchen appliances. Due to the excess water escaping through the leak, you’re not able to get the same water pressure that you normally would.

Areas of Your Floor Are Noticeably Warm

This is one of the most common signs. If you find that your floors are warmer than normal, or warm in some areas but cool in others, it could be because a slab leak has caused hot water to warm the concrete under your home, thus heating your floors as well.

Water Is Constantly Running

Part of the reason your floors might be heating up is because a slab leak can cause your hot water heater to run constantly. A hot water leak is similar to turning on hot water in your sink and letting it run continuously. When that happens, your home’s hot water heater has to keep running to heat that water. Also, if you hear strange noises or rushing water throughout your home, but you don’t have any appliances turned on, a slab leak is most likely the reason.

You Notice a Spike in Your Water Bill

Lastly, if you notice an unexplained and unfounded spike in your water bill, that could be due to the continual running water and the hot water heater having to work around the clock. Although you’re not the one wasting this water, the slab leak is causing water to run constantly, drastically increasing your bills.

Professional Plumbing Services in Northern Virginia

Like we said earlier, it is extremely important that you schedule a repair service immediately after realizing you have a slab leak. The consequences of a slab leak are no joke—ranging from structural damage to your home, very expensive repair costs, and increased water bills, to mold, mildew, water damage, and overall inconvenience. At HVAC & Plumbing Unlimited, our plumbing professionals are properly trained and equipped to provide slab leak repairs for your home. We know time is of the essence when it comes to stopping the leak and repairing the damage done. We don’t want you to be stuck cleaning up a mess you didn’t even cause, so trust us to get your home back to normal.

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